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I’ve got Astigmatism. Can I Get LASIK?

What is astigmatism and why is it so hard to spell? To answer the first part, picture a basketball. Are you picturing it? Good. That’s the shape of a normal cornea. If you’ve got astigmatism, your cornea is shaped more like a football. It’s a fetching look, to be sure, but it means that light

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8 Tips For Eye Allergy Sufferers

Today is the first day of spring! While that sounds great at first after our cold and wet winter, those with eye allergies might not be as excited about it. Here are 8 tips for dealing with eye allergies from All About Vision. Get an early start. See your eye doctor before allergy season begins

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Fixing Seniors’ Vision May Improve Brain Health

From the American Academy of Ophthalmology A recent study from England has found that people who have had cataract surgery have better mental function in later life. The report joins a growing body of research that suggests that taking care of vision has benefits for older adults beyond just improving sight. Researchers compared the rates of

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Sand In Your Eye? Know What To Do

Headed to the beach for spring break? Or maybe you’re going camping or hiking in the woods, or even just some time at the local ball field or park. No matter what the activity, there’s a good chance of getting some type of dirt or sand in your eyes. If that happens, be sure you

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Meditation May Help Fight Glacuoma

From the American Academy of Ophathalmology: A new study suggests that mindfulness meditation may help lower eye pressure in glaucoma patients and improve quality of life by lowering stress hormones. Eye pressure—also called intraocular pressure or IOP—is a measurement of the fluid pressure inside the eye. Patients with glaucoma have numerous issues which may cause

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