Overview and Benefits of iLASIK

We are proud to offer iLASIK, a fully customizable, all laser LASIK procedure, to our patients in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur and the surrounding communities. An improvement upon the traditional LASIK procedure, iLASIK uses innovative IntraLase Blade-Free technology to create the flap along with Advanced CustomVue treatment to correct refractive errors, even for those who were not previously candidates for LASIK. Our iLASIK surgeons have extensive experience using the iLASIK technique to correct the vision of our patients. Schedule a free screening at Huntsville Laser Center to see if iLASIK is right for you.

iLASIK Overview
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What is iLASIK?

iLASIK is the combination of the IntraLase (Blade-Free) method of creating the flap with CustomVue treatment technology, resulting in a truly individualized treatment tailored specifically to your eyes. iLASIK provides high quality vision correction through a refined and precise procedure, personally tailored to your individual vision correction needs. Fully customizable, iLASIK uses computer technology not only to measure the exact levels of correction in each eye, but also to account for any irregularity that may be impacting your vision. With iLASIK, you’ll get a completely integrated, completely personalized procedure based on advanced vision correction technology.

Benefits of iLASIK?

All laser, blade-free iLASIK is ideal for a wider variety of patients than traditional LASIK. Since the laser creates a thinner, more precise corneal flap, those who were not considered ideal candidates for LASIK in the past because of thin corneas may be candidates for iLASIK. The iLASIK treatment is also ideal for extremely nearsighted patients with a level of correction of up to minus 12 diopters. During your free screening, we will be able to accurately assess the type of laser correction surgery that is right for you.

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