Lori Webb

You have given me the best moment of my life by giving me “new” eyes. LASIK Surgery was the best decision health-wise, that I have ever made. You and your staff have brought my vision from 20/1000 (I could not even see the clock when I woke up in the morning) in both eyes to 20/25 in the left eye and 20/30 in the right eye in a matter of one day. And this will probably improve over the next few days. It is so amazing how fifty-one seconds (51) could do so much for someone that has worn glasses since the 5th grade. You and your staff were very caring, informative, and most of all compassionate. At anytime during this process did I feel pressured, and when I was nervous you and your staff did an excellent job making sure that I was very calm and relaxed. I want to thank you for your professionalism, but also for your personal interaction. I am looking forward to a more clear future. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Melissa Harris

What words can I say to express the gratitude I have toward you. I had surgery 5 days ago and my vision is remarkable. You have done a fantastic job on my eyes. I felt no pain or discomfort after the surgery and still to this day I have no problems. I can see just wonderfully! I have to constantly tell myself that I don’t have my contacts in. My life has changed so much because of this. I have been wearing glasses or contacts for about 21 years. Now if feels like I’m free, and I am. I really appreciate you and everything you have done. My thanks also to your staff: Patti and Charlotte are wonderful people. I will recommend you to everyone I see!

Gloria Wright

Forty-two years ago we obtained our first pair of glasses, and since that day we’ve wished not to have to wear them! It’s been a struggle trying to find a workable alternative, over and over, without success (tried contacts five times/ including Toric). Once LASIK became popular, we found that farsighted with astigmatism wasn’t a candidate at that time. We didn’t want to be the first farsighted with astigmatism patient to have the surgery, and continued to wait until someone in our area became very proficient! Finally, FDA approved the surgery (2 ½ years ago), and Dr. William Mitchell performed over 2,000 procedures! It was my time, finally! (researched the procedure, physicians in our area performing LASIK, and who owned their own machine. The ‘www’ is an excellent resource, and word-of-mouth! Asked everyone who had the procedure who did it, their results, and would they do it again.) 
After narrowing the field to Dr. Mitchell, we attended a seminar held at the Huntsville Laser Center. The explanations were simple, and thorough. The guest speaker had experienced LASIK, and answered all our questions. The search was over! After all our questions were satisfied, they scheduled me for surgery the Friday 1/31/2003 (had a cancellation). The experience was exactly what they described, and Dr. Mitchell was with me all the way! Don’t think that after the surgery you’re on your own. Dr. Mitchell does follow-up in order to assure you’re seeing the very best possible. There was never a time when we felt alone because we were encouraged to call him at any time with any question.

It was amazing to be able to see without my Varilux lenses (pointed my nose at what we wanted to see, without peripheral vision)! My friends would say they saw me on the road, but we didn’t wave. The reason was we didn’t see them! The only glasses needed now are for reading, or a soft contact. That was never an option in the past due to the astigmatism. It was wonderful going from four pair of glasses (computer, TV, sunglasses, and one for near and far vision) to one soft lens or one pair of reading glasses from the drug store. It’s simply amazing for me to “see” all the things we’ve been missing all those years! Truly, the fog has finally lifted, and I can see clearly now! Dr. Mitchell and his excellent staff have given me the ability to enjoy life at a much higher level, and we will always be thankful for their marvelous gift! You’re never too old to experience the wonders of life through better vision! Yes, I’d do it again!

Doug Barnes

I was just checking out HLC’s website and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to offer my testimonial. It occurred to me that prospective patients might like to hear from someone who underwent the LASIK procedure some time ago. It’s been over three years since Dr. Mitchell performed LASIK on me in January 2000, and I am still delighted with the outcome. I’ve had no side-effects, no trade-offs, no adverse developments at all. Having corrected vision without the need for eyeglasses or contacts is fantastic. The time and money I used to spend replacing contacts (and the associated chemicals), and upgrading lenses and frames, is now better utilized elsewhere. The convenience of hassle-free, full-time vision in the middle of the night, or at the beach or pool, or while playing sports is invaluable to me. 
I chose Dr. Mitchell and HLC three years ago because he and his staff seemed more proficient and more professional than any of the alternatives. A fixed-site laser and a confident, reassuring bedside manner are tough to beat. Based on comparing websites and commercials and, obviously, my successful experience, I’d make the same choice again today.

Rina Patel

I really love this “no more glasses” me, I would recommend this procedure to everyone. I love it!!! I can play sports without the hassles of glasses or contacts, no more watery eyes from contacts. I wish more people could afford to get this surgery. If insurance covered this surgery it would be great!!! But for me I cannot put a price tag on the freedom it gives me!!! Once again, thank you Dr. Mitchell!!!!!

Alice Hill

The LASIK procedure has greatly improved the quality of not only my life, but my overall opinion of myself. This single thing did more to improve my level of self-confidence. I also continue to receive many compliments now that I no longer need my glasses. 
I began wearing glasses in the sixth grade, and looking back at those pictures, I never liked what I saw. As I got older I attempted to find both glasses and contacts that I was happy with. I never did, so when I heard that it was possible for me to eliminate my need for both, I immediately wanted to do it. Years later, (I am now 26), I have finally been able to do that, and I am so glad that I did.

The results from my actual surgery are better that expected, as my vision improved to 20/15 from 20/20, and I find myself often trying to see how far I can actually see! It is almost like having new eyes! I noticed immediately after the surgery that everything was much sharper and better defined. It is wonderful to be able to wear sunglasses like everyone else without having to find those really stupid looking attachable sunglasses.

My actual surgery was by far the most unique experience I have had in a long time. The most enjoyable part to me was the fact that I was laying on the table in my jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. I liked that I could converse with Dr. Mitchell throughout the procedure. There was nothing very painful during the procedure or after. In fact, the next day I was able to resume my normal activities. This experience has been one of the most enjoyable of my life.

Melissa West

Words cannot express how much my life has changed since I have had my surgery. For years, I have had to struggle with the discomfort and costs of contact lenses and glasses. I had always wished of having corrective surgery to eliminate my need for corrective lenses. The birth of my son was what prompted me to finally have the surgery. I cannot begin to tell you the difference it has made in my life. Being able to get up in the night to take care of my son without having to search for my glasses is such a blessing! I have had perfect vision for months now and I rarely have to use tears! The surgery was quick and I experienced very little discomfort. Dr. Mitchell and his staff were attentive and courteous. I felt totally at ease the entire time, and left the office seeing perfect the same day! Today, almost four months later, I am seeing 20/15 in both eyes! I sometimes forget and think I have my contacts in because my vision is so great. Dr. Mitchell and his staff will always have a special place in my heart. I am so grateful to them for the wonderful gift of sight. I can see the world, and my son, in a totally different way.

Brian Patz

Thank you so much for my life without contacts and glasses! I have been in correctional lens bondage for 18 years, and wish that I had had LASIK years ago.
Dr. Mitchell and his staff were courteous, friendly, and generally outstanding. They did a fantastic job of preparing me for the surgery, and I was comfortable throughout. During the procedure, Dr. Mitchell kept me relaxed by talking to me, letting me know what was going on with each step. The result, 20/15 vision the following morning and not a problem since. I was able to function normally the next day and probably could have the same evening. I have had no discomfort, itchy eyes, halos, or night vision problems. I don’t have to deal with my contacts drying out at night or while driving. It is wonderful! I can’t wait to go swimming with my kids this summer and not worry about being splashed! Thank you again for such a wonderful experience! God has blessed you with a great skill and wonderful staff!

Spike McRay

Thanks again for changing my life. I will continue to promote the Lasik procedure to all who may question. God Bless!

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