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At Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center, we’ve got it all. From treatment of common visual problems to specialized care for complex cases, we cover your entire family’s eye care needs under one roof. Our exceptional team of doctors is committed to bringing you the very best new technology in caring for your sight. With our on-site, full-service optical center, Maynor & Mitchell is truly “one-stop shopping” for your eye care needs. We make the health and safety of your eyes our primary concern, so you can be sure that our comprehensive service is the best available anywhere in town.

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Choosing an Eye Surgeon

When choosing your eye surgeon, it is important that you look for someone who is compassionate and committed to the technology. Our largest referral source is by word of mouth. Those patients we have treated, taken care of and provided a good outcome, refer in the most patients for us. If you are looking for quality eye care with excellent results, call our office today.

Clear Vision for a Lifetime

There’s no need to struggle with blurry vision caused by cataracts. Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center is a leader in cataract surgery with implantable/ intraocular lenses (IOLs). Today’s new IOLs – Crystalens® and ReSTOR® – are better than ever, giving cataract patients the clear vision they need and deserve. They can also be used to improve age-related vision loss (presbyopia).

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Hazy Vision After Cataract Removal?

While cataracts do not recur after they are surgically removed, about one in five cataract patients experiences post-surgical hazy or diminished vision, where a thin membrane of scar tissue has formed behind the lens. Fortunately, this condition is easily treatable to restore your clear vision. During a YAG laser capsulotomy at Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center, the hazy membrane is removed, quickly and without discomfort.

I chose Hunstville Laser Center. I’ve had family treated here. My grandmother, my dad has had corrective surgery corrected by Dr. Mitchell. Always had good experience with the results, our vision and the staff. 

Jeslyn - Testimonial

Jeslyn Roesch


I chose to come here for a consultation. A free consultation. And as soon as I got here everyone was friendly, welcoming. They made me want to come back and gave me confidence that the procedure they would do would be successful and I would be well taken care of.

Ian - Testimonial

Ian Howley


I love all the people, his people in the operating room, his receptionists, all his nurses and assistants are all so friendly and make you feel so comfortable and at ease. I don’t know, you just go into it with the assurance that all is going to be good.

Gail - Testimonial

Gail Bates


So I did the research and I looked at a lot of different facilities. I did online research. I didn’t have the ability to go around but I looked up in Charleston, South Carolina. I looked in Florida, I looked all over New York. I looked at facilities all over the place and one of the highest-rated facilities was right here in Huntsville. So I’m like, well that’s kind of a no-brainer.

Michael - testimonial

Michael Adams

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Two Convenient Locations

Huntsville Office

3501 S Memorial Pkwy, Suite 200
Huntsville, AL 35801

Guntersville Office

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(256) 533-0315

Huntsville Office
3501 S Memorial Pkwy, Suite 200
Huntsville, AL 35801

Guntersville Office
11886 US Hwy 431
Suite C
Guntersville, AL 35976